Global Excellence Training UK was established in 2013 as a Vocational education and training division. Since its inception, Global Excellence Training UK has successfully trained over 2000 students. The Vocational institute as launched with the objective of making India the capital of skilled manpower by making vocational education as a prime choice in a student’s career.

Global Excellence Training UK is training and consulting firm specializes in improving client’s business performance through comprehensive and integral development of individuals, teams and the organizations. We assist our clients by aligning their training needs with their business goals and objectives.

We pride ourselves in providing high quality trainings and business solutions to our clients.Global Excellence Training UK emphasizes on art and science of learning and development by designing experiential learning programs that offer people the knowledge, skills and practices they need to add value to the business.

Our trainers and consultants are highly trained and a great mix of education, experience and certifications.Our goal is to develop long-term partnerships with our clients and gain an in-depth understanding of client’s unique environment, current and long-term training & business needs.

Our work-life and time management programs boost productivity by teaching people how to attain a higher level of achievement and enjoyment every day, both on and off the job.Our work/life philosophy is based on instilling this commitment to continuous achievement and enjoyment for the individual as well as the organization.

Measured results from our ongoing programs demonstrate that taking care of associates by developing their work and life skills significantly impacts key business objectives, including productivity, customer service and profitability levels.

Our work-life and time management programs deliver the highest quality content through engaging video production, live training and technology. As a work-life and time management company, our business commitment is to continue to impact individual work and life value while simultaneously driving organizational performance.

We believe we can help you to achieve your goals by doing two things for you:

We see our role as trainers is to teach you ‘a system of good ideas’ and to demonstrate to you a set of practical skills that you will be able to put to use the very next day. We strive to make our courses highly practical, relevant and immediately applicable to your work context. We confine ourselves to ideas, methods and techniques that are of practical value.

Our training is about improving your performance in six areas:

Goal setting and achievement
Clear communication
Proper planning and time management
Handling conflict situations
How to inspire yourself with a positive mental attitude
How to inspire a positive mental attitude in others

We believe that there are a definite set of ‘Universal Success Principles’ that are applicable to everyone and to every industry.These success principles are universally applicable because, no matter what is your product or service, you have to gain the willing cooperation of other people. In order to succeed, you must succeed with people.

We help people become more efficient, happier and healthier. Our interactive management training courses improve bottom-line results, productivity and performance. We call our approach “human business” as we are a training provider that not only helps people improve results (business) but also looks after the people and relationships (human).