Corporate Education refers to a system of professional development activities provided to educate employees. It may consist of formal university or college training or informal training provided by non-collegiate institutions. The simplest form of corporate education may be training programs designed “in-house” for an organization that may wish to train their employees on specific aspects of their job processes or responsibilities.

Corporate education, however, adds another dimension and depth to training by involving learners as participants in generating new knowledge that assists an organisation to develop and evolve, rather than maintain the status quo. Corporate education focuses on developing the capability of an organisation to be able to do things and, in particular, the right things in order to be a sustainable and successful organisation.

Corporate education involves a facilitator, rather than an instructor or trainer, to engage participants and encourage them to think about the what, how and why of what they are doing and to challenge their current paradigms. Corporate education is centred on introducing learning techniques to stimulate employees to think about what their organisation does, where it is heading, potential new opportunities for the organisation and new and better ways of doing things. While the role of corporate training is to develop the operational competency of individuals, the purpose of corporate education is to promote the development of capability of both an individual and their organisation.


Onsite convenient classes/lectures.
Course material is designed exclusively for professionals.
Training methodology includes result delivery in new area of economy.
Professional and experienced trainers.
Daily /Weekly assessment and feedback.


Our Corporate Trainers manage the delivery, design and continuous improvement of the New Hire Training’s as well as ongoing learning opportunities across the firm, in support of the firm’s need facilitating learning related to the required technology and total suite of information and product offerings for your clients and the industry. They also Contact and schedule internal or external lecturers accordingly and also vendors for specialized training utilizing a variety of the training methods, methodologies, learning and development tools, concepts, techniques, and practices to ensure maximum efficiency of the Training and Development Program. Conducting specific assessments required in training to support the development, design and delivery of improvement of the corporate training programs. They can also work with key Executives (HR if applicable) in suggesting and analyzing the performance of the workforce so that additional training and development if needed, can be developed and prescribed and at the same time managing training budget effectively.

We offer Management Development Programmes in different functional and cross functional areas of management combining the best of conceptual input with global best practices woven around issues faced by organization today. The distinct feature of these programmes is our eclectic pedagogy that is totally participative and uses 25% Knowledge through Lecture Method and 75% through Action Learning using Outbound Exercises, Simulations, Case Studies and Skits etc.

Globle Excellance Traning UK places significant thrust on harnessing the potential of people within organizations as a key differentiator for sustained growth. As a result, we have been paying special attention to Executive Education and MDPs as part of our responsibility as country’s leading integrated business school. Our programmes are unique as they are issue-centric and outcome oriented experiential platforms. Learning flows unabated and unperturbed at these workshops as our seasoned trainers facilitate and help participants co-create new ways to achieve excellence and solve problems.

Companies choose Global Excellence Training UK for onsite tailored training to orient new employees or build long-term, sustainable business development capability. Our blended learning approach give clients flexibility to bring a single workshop onsite or to combine multiple workshops for a tailored learning experience. Clients can also choose from a variety of delivery options, including online or self-paced training.

Our Corporate Training and Development Program will manage corporate wide learning initiatives & develop skills. They will also manage and lead the design, delivery and assessment of Training and Development programs across the organization. Our trainers are well experienced and will be responsible for accompany and cross companies training with new Hire orientations. They provide continuous improvement of learning and development opportunities across the organization and make sure the maximum effectiveness of the efforts of the organization. We acknowledge the fact that this role is critical to your organization as it promotes the corporate development which is a most important asset i.e., the talent of your organization.