This course is designed for those who are preparing themselves for an interview / group discussion and who wish to plan to maximise their potential and get the job or promotion they really want. It will enable participants to explore their own values, experience, qualifications, potential and position themselves for achieving success.This course comprises essential Dos and Donts of Group Discussion and Personal Interview.

Marketing research data is essentially of two types, that have already been defined: secondary and primary. With respect to primary research, the foremost tool is the personal interview. The face-to-face contact between researcher and respondent is not equal in terms of the potential quality of data that can be obtained. In the face-to-face interview it is possible to record more than the verbal responses of the interviewee, which are often superficial. When human beings communicate directly with each other much more information is communicated between them. When two people face one another, the dialogue is conducted on several levels. It goes beyond verbal expression. The nature of words used, facial expressions and body language all communicate what the other party means. This chapter explains the role of personal interviews in marketing research.

Interview Skills / Mock Interview

An Interview is a process to select a right candidate for the job. Interviews have become a popular method to target the right person.For many of us, Interviews seem tough and scary but here at Globle Excellance Traning UK, we help you develop your interpersonal skills, and on the other hand, make you stout enough to face interviews in an appropriate manner.

Do you find yourself facing any of the following situations?

Feeling nervous at interviews?
Finding it hard to present yourself in a positive manner?
Having trouble guessing what the interviewer wants.We’ll give you the techniques and help you develop the confidence you need to beat the competition and be successful. Our business is dedicated to helping you maximize your chances of securing the next job and fulfilling your career goals.


We know what the employers are looking for. Therefore, we aim to vastly improve your chances of getting through the interview.
Our attention to detail is well known and we pride ourselves in helping you identify the skills you already have to communicate effectively and convincingly at your job interview.
We customize the training for each individual.
This will help you take advantage of your strengths and use a positive frame of mind to perform at your best on the day
You are taken through the different types of interview used by most employers to explain what they are looking for from different types of questions.
You will also be advised on conducting research on the company, making your personal image impact including dress and body language, dealing with challenging questions, asking great questions for using them to your advantage.
You will learn powerful techniques to overcome fear, phobias nervousness.


Assessing your current level of skills and competency.
You will be coached and equipped with various techniques to handle from easy to difficult questions and situations.
You will do the mock interviews and general practice with the coach who will also give feedback on the points which need special attention.
Telephone / Video Session — Incase you stay in another city / country, you can still get all the benefits through phone / video coaching.

Globle Excellance Traning UK has designed Personal Interview Training Program which, helps a student:

Learn correct body-language
Know right response to interviewer’s queries.
learn how to introduce / tell about yourself
Make ‘ the first impression last longer.

We also help them go through the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and discuss the best possible answers. We conduct Mock Interviews and prepare them to face tedious interviews.